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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Part 2: Sun Broadband 3G Postpaid Stick Review

With tablet and smartphone sales on the rise, portable internet solutions have certainly made a turn for the better. Some of the more popular offerings in the market are from Sun Cellular, a company known for their affordability and unlimited phone plans. Here's a comparative chart with their offerings listed:

Bundle Plan 799*
Plan 899
Plan 299**
Plan 450**
Easy Broadband 899**
MyWifi Plan 495
Anti-Bill Shock Plan 350
Burstable Speed
3.6 Mbps
Usage Allowance
45 hours ****
70 hours ****
60 hours ****
60 hours *****
PhP 799
PhP 899
PhP 299
PhP 450
PhP 899
PhP 495
PhP 999
Modem Charge
Php888 (Optional)
P150 (MyWifi device, optional)
PhP 888
Holding Period
24 months
6 months
24 months
One-Time Huawei B200 Router Charge (Optional)
PhP 4600

I recently had the chance to test out their unlimited 3G stick and here are some of my observations.  
  • Set-up:
  • I have to give this to them. Installing the stick was pretty easy. Almost plug and play.
  • Compatibility:
  • Some older less powerful PCs even if their running on XP will have compatibility issues so I suggest you check your specs before purchasing.
  • Reliability:
  • Like their unlimited talk service, their internet service also suffers the same drop line fate. In addition to this, the signal in some areas are pretty atrocious.
  • Speed:
  • It also under delivered here as well. I wasn't expecting the 3 mbps advertised but the speed wasn't even a third of what was the advertised. Based on the average is .42 mbps for download and .22 for upload. There were some outliers for downloads which really pulled up the score.

Note: the data from says the ISP provider is "Digital" and note Digitel. I can not say that I am 100% positive that this is for Sun Broadband, but I maybe 95% positive it is. Because, I have cross reference this against the speed I got and the results seem plausible compared to some.  

  • Overall rating:
  • 1.5/5 stars
Don't get me wrong, it is usable. Just not something you would expect in this day and age. They advertised "upto" 3 mbps and not 3 mbps, so don't over expect. In fact, lower your expectations. You have to be very patient with this service.
I also tried the Globe one in store and it wouldn't even work in store, so we chose this instead. When purchasing 3G sticks, I suggest trying each provider at the store closest to where you will mostly use it in order to assess the connectivity better.

To marginally increase the efficiency of SUN's 3G stick and Globe's for that matter, go to PART 3 of this series, a review on CD R King's Router: 


Anonymous said...

wala kwenta sun 350. buy ako sa mall. pag uwi ko try ko wala connection tawag ako sa hotline wait daw 24 hours. 2 days na wala pa rin connection. 0 kbps parin. tawag ulit sa hot line tanong kung pwedeng sauli. sabi punta sa mall na binilihan . pagdating sa mall di daw pwede sauli. wala daw silang kasalanan kung mahina signal sa monumento caloocan sabi ko okay putulin na lang nila kung ayaw ibalik yung binayad ko. ang sagot ba naman may 3 mos na lock in period daw. talo ko pa naholdap ni MVP. puro propaganda pangit naman serbisyo. ngayon swerte na may 1 kbps pag sun gamit ko

Manila Gawker said...

Marami talagang problema na ganyan pag 3g usb internet. Nasubukan ko rin yun globe sa area namin and di gumagalaw sa store mismo ng globe. Dapat talaga ma-test muna sa pinakamalapit na store.

Anonymous said...

Oo nga bakit ganun kung sa bayaran ang bilis nila pero kung hindi muh gusto ang serbisyo nila, hindi kana pwde umatras dahil sa mga lock in preiod. sana naman magkaroon tayong mga user ng karapatan. Sana magkaroon ng batas na pwedeng promotekta satin maliliit laban sa mga dambuhalang telco company na yan, nagbabayad po tayo ng maayos sana maayos din na serbisyo ibigay nila.

Manila Gawker said...

Yup! That's true. Philippine internet isn't at par with the global standards. In terms of cost per kilobyte, we have one of the most expensive connections in Asia and the crappiest if I may add. I'm not a very big fan of customer service in the telco industry either.

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