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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 DIY Personalized Infographics

I recently came across Piktochart: through a fellow pinterest user named Suthathorn Sutthison. I decided to sign up with the service and avail their trial because I thought it would be really fun to do a tutorial. The sign-up processes was almost nonexistent, since I used my twitter account. So with a few clicks to the mouse, off I went. I love how the user interface was so straight forward.

If you love infographics as much as I do and hate the hassle, piktochart is for you. You can create your own personalized infographic in as easy as 1-2-3. You start with selecting a theme, then picking a color scheme and finally editing the information you want on your infographic.


Editing the information on your infographic is just like Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. You'll be using the same tools you're probably already accustomed to such as drag and drop and tool tip resizing.

Once you are finish with your infographic, just go to the top of the page and 1. click save to save the file on your virtual account or 2. click download as (note: you need to add the extension to the file name to make it work. example:*.png). Voila!

What i love about infographics is that they can be about anything and everything about the sun. You can create infographics about your business or products, current trends, etc. For personal infographics, I've taken some ideas online for your reference:

1. Digital portfolio/ resume - express yourself through infographics.

2. Moments in your life - capture your favorite experiences and events in an infographic.

3. Favorites List - list of things you love and want to remember.

4. Inspirational Stories - lessons about life, people you admire and other things which will make you a better person.

5. Goals, dreams & aspirations and the road to getting there.

6. Gifts to show your friends, family or  significant other how much you love them .
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